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Secrets of the Soul

The following article is based on information contained in the international best seller, 'Thiaoouba Prophecy' by Michel Desmarquet.

The Astral Body

The human being is a marvel of creation. Our bodies and minds are designed magnificently. We can experience a fantastic variety of sensations, emotions and feelings which have evolved over tens, or perhaps; hundreds of lifetimes.

Our consciousness has also a multitude of natural possibilities, which seem beyond reach for many people, such as the ability of astral travel or telepathic communication at great distances.

It is common knowledge that our physical bodies eventually die and disintegrate completely. However, there is no such evidence regarding our consciousness. On the contrary, emerging evidence suggests that our consciousness continues to exist from lifetime to lifetime, despite the fact that we are given different 'egos' - like blank spots in our consciousness to fill in during a particular lifetime. Each lifetime is an individually chosen and tailored lesson, with its own goals and challenges.

It is well known that people who are clinically dead, but survive, report in great detail that they remained fully conscious and saw their own physical bodies from a distance. Most people on Earth experience spontaneous 'out of body' experiences at some stage of their lives.

When we astral travel during sleep we can transport our consciousness to other locations, without taking our physical bodies there at all. This is possible because our consciousness exists separately from the physical body.

Our consciousness is embedded in our electronic astral body - or soul - a very delicate electronic instrument. The electrons in our astral body are practically indestructible, but the information stored in our soul can become damaged and affect us for many lifetimes to come. This is caused by either drugs or loud noise. Both can actually significantly reverse the Universal process of our conscious evolution.

Drugs and noise can destroy or even erase important information already stored in our consciousness and replace it with false data. Such re-programming of consciousness may take us many lifetimes to correct. The extent of the damage depends on how long a person has been subject to these harmful influences.

Drugs - not just addictive

Most people who use hallucinogenic drugs experienced 'visions', 'trips' or 'hallucinations', and argue that drugs help them to increase their awareness.

Actually, nothing can be further from the truth. The ability of Astral travel is a natural ability and every child can do it. There is absolutely no need to use drugs. All you need is to learn meditation, concentration - and practice them everyday.

History is filled with examples of civilizations that used drugs only to collapse within a few generations. If people use drugs, they risk being re-born in their next lifetime as a cripple, retarded or both, simply because there might not be enough information in their consciousness (subconscious mind) to build their new body properly.

"The Universal Law is well established and is as strictly enforced as that which controls the planets' revolutions around their suns. If you make a mistake, you pay the penalty - immediately, in ten years time, or in ten centuries time, but errors must be paid for," explained Thao, Michel Desmarquet's mentor from Thiaoouba.

The Universal learning occurs because everyone has to face the consequences of his or her own mistakes. That way we learn what is a mistake and ultimately learn how to live a life. If we don't learn now, we will have to learn some time in the future.

A line drawing of Thao, a highly evolved being from Thiaoouba,
who shared much knowledge with Michel.Visit our Images page for a complete range
of color illustrations of Thiaoouba, the people and the planet. All Illustrations are
Copyright of OR-RAR-DAN 1998. All rights reserved.

Michel Desmarquet, author of 'Thiaoouba Prophecy', who spent nine days on Thiaoouba.

Dangers of Noise

High intensity noise (like that found in some night clubs) or prolonged annoying noise (such as traffic) distorts the communication with our Higher Self or Higher Consciousness, which is our direct connection to the Source of our own consciousness. As a result, our Higher Self not only receives distorted information, but information already stored there may also be distorted. Since it is our Higher Consciousness which stores all we have learnt during all our lifetimes, resulting 'parasite' information may take many lifetimes to correct.

According to the people of Thiaoouba: "If people could see the damage to their Astral bodies and consciousness caused by loud discos, they would escape from any disco quicker than if the place was on fire."

Many people have been subjected to loud noise as a part of their teenage life. What can be done to heal any damage that has occurred?

The first thing to do is to stop any further damage, by avoiding noise. Concentrating on spiritual self development is the most logical choice to repair the damage. Developing natural skills such as Astral travel, telepathic communication, seeing auras by practicing meditation and concentration is a direction back to nature.